Fantastic Binominal

Fantastic Binominal

De: Sunshiners
Editor: Lamosa
Categoria: Fanzines

16 págs


"The Fantastic Binominal" is the ability of the mind, given two words that normally are not related, say, streetcar and refrigerator, to make a connection, a story, that is satisfying.

According to several theories the human brain elaborates concepts from opposite pairs. This means that the idea of 'soft' can't exist in our mind without the simultaneous experience of 'hard'.

To make up a story, as well, two non related-words are necessary.

By bringing together an unlikely combination of nouns with a preposition, the Fantastic Binominal inspires free association and imaginative thinking so that anything becomes possible in the narrative. The stories are spun on the spur of the moment with no premeditation.


Inspired by Gianni Rodari "Grammar of Fantasy"

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